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UnityChan Pose

You can move "UNITY-CHAN" in a favorite pose, and make a slide image.
It is available for not only the sketch pose study but also the illustration making.

* This contents developed and shown under "UNITY-CHAN LICENSE".

Lite version is here.

-- Product introduction 
Choose movable bone and axis, and move a pose with a slider.
You can operate even one hand if used.

Screen center part for rotary / movement / extended / reduction.

If a pose is completed, let's photograph.
The image which photographed is a slide without the backgrounds.
Therefore you can edit it with other images.

You can save / load the pose. (up to nine poses)

* And ... She is angry when you makes a too impossible pose. (The voice is Japanese.)

In the case of Android terminal, the image is stored away by data folder of the application.
* Please use application such as the File Manager to look at the image.
* The software which can do layer editing is necessary to edit an image.

-- Preset pose  
Default pose + 31 kinds

-- Preset hand pose 
5 poses of hand
3 poses of thumbs
7 poses of other fingers
The hand pose makes in combination a basic pose and the pose of each finger.
Pose of forefinger, middle finger, third finger, little finger do not have the information of the expanse of the finger.
So an expression of the hand changes by the combination with the basic pose.

-- Expressions  
17 kinds

-- Bone menu 
22 joints
Head, Neck, Chest, Abs-A, Abs-B, Hip
Shoulder, Upper Arm, Forearm, Hand
Thigh, Leg, Foot, Tiptoe
* Hip is the center of the model. A whole body of "UNITY-CHAN" turns when you move hip.

-- Reset 
Return a camera (rotary / movement / extended / reduction) to the initial position.
Return the left leg, the right leg, the left arm, the right arm to the default pose each.

-- Save / Load 
Up to nine places.

-- Ver2 Add Function 
Light color adjustment.

Costume change.
When you do not embezzle this Application, this function do not appear.